Replacement for: Battery DELL Mobile Workstation M20 11.1V 5200mAh
DELL Battery
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DELL Mobile Workstation M20 11.1V
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Further information
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100% compatible with the original battery.
The battery can be recharged with any replacement or original power supply.
Please note the right power supply, order two items and pay shipping costs only once!
From 1.1.2013 writes the aviation authority IATA, acc. Determination ago, the unaudited Li-Ion batteries are excluded from transportation in aircraft. However, the manufacturer shall ensure that his replacement battery according to the safety test. Altitude Simulation (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries), Thermal Test (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries),Vibration (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries), Shock (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries), External Short Circuit (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries), Impact (Primary and Secondary Cells), Overcharge (Secondary Batteries), Forced Discharge (Primary and Secondary Cells).
Technical Data
Battery type :
Capacity :
Cell Type :
Samsung 2600mAh
Colour :
Dimensions :
127 x 77 x 20mm
Model Number :
Number of Cells :
Product ID :
Replacement Brand :
Voltage :
Weight :
Part Numbers
0X217 1X793 1X793A00
310-4482 310-5195 312-0068
312-0084 312-0090 312-0191
312-0309 312-0408 315-0084
3R305 451-10132 451-10194
4M983 4P894 6Y270
7W999 9X821 BAT1194
C1295 G2053A01 G2053 A01
J2178 U1544 W1605
Fit Model
Inspiron 500m Inspiron 510m Inspiron 600m
Latitude 500M Latitude 600M Latitude D500
Latitude D505 Latitude D510 Latitude D520
Latitude D530 Latitude D600 Latitude D610
Latitude M20 Precision M20 Precision M20 Mobile Workstation

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Battery DELL Mobile Workstation M20 11.1V 5200mAh
DELL Mobile Workstation M20 11.1V 5200mAh
CHF 49.00
Adapter for Battery DELL Mobile Workstation M20 11.1V
DELL Adapter 19.50V 90w PA-10 - Φ7.4 x Φ5.0
CHF 24.90

8 Reasons to purchase this DELL D600 Mobile Workstation M20 11.1V Li-ion replacement Battery:

  • It is safe and pass certification.
  • Made of SONY, Samsung, BAK, and Moni battery cells.
  • Never refubished battery.
  • Protection circuit board.
  • Good Package.
  • Fast delivery(One day after payment).
  • High quality at at good price.
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