LED Controller Colour controls or controllers are needed to lighting effects with your monochromatic and RGB LED strips or implement this easily by remote control on and off. All our stripes and controllers have the necessary connectors, this allows you an easy and convenient Installation. These controls are available in different versions, the supplied remote control consists of a keypad or a touch screen ring. From the small 24 key color control with which you can set various colors, mixed colors and flashing effects, to the LED music controller with three outgoing ports and the internal sound-wave sensor, by which the music in the room with the LED strip may be synchronized. In quiet moments, the music controler is controlled by remote control and used like a normal controller. The special RGB+W+WW 24V controller is designed for our 24V RGB+W or RGB+ WW strips. These have alternately next to the RGB LEDs warm white or white LEDs, so it can be produced a variety of light colors and especially pastel shades, in addition to the pure white or warm white light, which is not satisfactory possible with conventional RGB stripes. You have no limits using LED strips for backlight lightening and the LED controller helps you to generate perfect effects for perfect situations.

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