Battery DMW-BCM13 for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5 3.6V 1250mAh
CHF 16.90
Detail >>
DMW-BCM13 for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5 3.6V
Battery DMW-BCG10E for Panasonic 950mAh
CHF 14.90
Detail >>
DMW-BCG10E for Panasonic
Battery DMW-BCF10E for Panasonic 940mAh
CHF 14.40
Detail >>
DMW-BCF10E for Panasonic
Battery DMW-BLC12 for Panasonic 1200mAh
CHF 22.00
Detail >>
DMW-BLC12 for Panasonic
Battery VBG-070 for Panasonic 800mAh
CHF 9.90
Detail >>
VBG-070 for Panasonic
Battery CGA-DU07 for Panasonic 1000mAh
CHF 9.80
Detail >>
CGA-DU07 for Panasonic
Battery DMW-BCH7E for Panasonic 695mAh
CHF 8.90
Detail >>
DMW-BCH7E for Panasonic
Battery DMW-BCK7E for Panasonic 750mAh
CHF 9.80
Detail >>
DMW-BCK7E for Panasonic
Battery DMW-BLF19 FOR Panasonic 1860mAh
CHF 14.40
Detail >>
DMW-BLF19 FOR Panasonic
Battery CGA-S001E for Panasonic CGA-S series 700mAh
CHF 9.80
Detail >>
CGA-S001E for Panasonic CGA-S series
Battery CGA-S002E for Panasonic FZ1 720mAh
CHF 17.60
Detail >>
CGA-S002E for Panasonic FZ1
Battery DMW-BLB13 for Panasonic G1/2 1300mAh
CHF 28.00
Detail >>
DMW-BLB13 for Panasonic G1/2
Battery CGA-S006E for Panasonic DMC-FZ7 FZ8 FZ18 FZ28 FZ30 1200mAh
CHF 18.00
Detail >>
CGA-S006E for Panasonic DMC-FZ7 FZ8 FZ18 FZ28 FZ30

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8 Reasons to purchase this Li-ion replacement Battery:

  • It is safe and pass certification.
  • Made of SONY, Samsung, BAK, and Moni battery cells.
  • Never refubished battery.
  • Protection circuit board.
  • Good Package.
  • Fast delivery(One day after payment).
  • High quality at at good price.
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